Collaboration for Internet Rating, Certification, Labeling and Evaluation of Health Information

MedCIRCLE is an EU-funded project and just started in March 2002. It is a follow-up project to MedCERTAIN. The aim is to implement the standardized computer-readable metadata vocabulary, which we developed in the MedCERTAIN project called "HIDDEL (Health Information Disclosure, Description and Evaluation Language)" and to develop and distribute client-site tools (such as "intelligent agents") in cooperation with the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence GmbH in Kaiserslautern, Germany.

The HIDDEL vocabulary will be implemented on three European gateway sites:
ÄZQ (Ärztliche Zentralstelle Qualitätssicherung), METGES Official Medical College of Barcelona, Rouen University Hospital (CisMEF). All of them project partners in the MedCIRCLE collaboration.

MedCIRCLE represents a collaboration of European health subject gateways or rating services that builds on, expands and continues work on rating health information on the Internet piloted within the MedCERTAIN project. Whilst MedCERTAIN provided the core technologies and software for rating and "trustmarking" health information, MedCIRCLE is built around these technologies and involves a wider medical community to assess health information, demonstrating the power of collaborative and interoperable evaluations.

Both projects - MedCIRCLE and MedCERTAIN - are complementary projects with the overall objective to develop and promote technologies able to guide consumers to trustworthy health information on the Internet, to establish a global web of trust for networked health information, and to empower consumers to "filter" or positively select high quality health information on the web.

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